Brand Creation / Label Design

Union Interocean hired Percept for a brand creation project. It was for a premium alcohol beverage and included beer label design and packaging for sale in the Middle East.

Case Study

Brand Creation, Label Design & Packaging

The Challenge

This is a case of an international company hiring specialists in brand creation, Percept, based on their reputation for expertise in brand and packaging design.

The brief was for brand creation, and packaging design for a beer product in the Middle Eastern market, and more specifically Lebanon. The brand creation needed  to represent a premium quality, established, international beer brand that told the story of Semiramis, the wife of Ninus, King of Assyria.

After searching the globe for experts in brand creation, Percept, was selected as the best brand and packaging design agency for their brand creation needs.

The Solution

Brand creation specialist, Percept, took a deep dive into research based on the creative brief provided. Legend says that when Queen Semiramis died, she turned into a dove. Brand and packaging design agency, Percept, used this as inspiration to create a strong and dynamic graphic to represent the dove.

Custom illustration, hand-crafted typography and icons feature across the brand creation project. Gold, silver, royal blue and red are also prevalent in the packaging design. In the research into the Middle Eastern target market, the colours used represent royalty and strength.

The brand creation project was rolled out across beer label and packaging design, in the form of neck, cap, six pack, cans, film wrap, tray, case carton and beer taps.

The newly created beer brand has been well received in the Middle East with growing popularly, especially in Lebanon.

If you have a beer label design or packaging design brief that you would like to discuss, Percept, is a brand creation expert. We will help you with a solution! Enquire here.