Hippie Wine

Wine Label Design

Branding and packaging design for wine label design project. Australian packaging design agency, Percept, was engaged to develop creative new branding with links to a nostalgic past in order to generate interest and appeal for the launch of this wine.

Case Study

Wine Label Design by Branding & Packaging Design Agency, Percept

The branding and wine label design for Hippie was created by Australian packaging design agency Percept.

Vinpro Wines had a range of five modern varietals that they wanted to release under the name Hippie which formed the basis of the creative brief on this packaging design project which encouraged fun, psychedelic colour and retro style visual clichés.

Percept is a packaging design agency that enjoys branding and wine label design in the first place, but this was a particularly cool project to work on!

The use of colourful vector shapes influenced by patterns and designs of the 60s and 70s ties the range together as a set, then we created an icon to represent each varietal based on the Hippie theme.

A hand-drawn logo for the branding design was intended to encapsulate the free spirit of the brand.

Bright pink caps help grab the attention of the customer in-store with the packaging design also adding to the shelf shout as they are often displayed in this fashion in a retail situation.

The outlandish flare is also balanced by subtle embellishments on the wine label design that allude to the finer things in life such as the thin pin-stripe and the spot UV varnish. These details helped this wine label design pick up a bronze medal at the Printing Industry Craftsmanship Awards.

It’s also worth noting that the juice on the inside is pretty groovy too. A high quality range of wines that, at the time of writing this, had just won the first medal of what we think will be a large collection of Hippie bling!

If you’d like to check out the work of Australian packaging design agency, Percept, on this branding and wine label design project and sample a nice vintage at the same time, drop into any Liquorstax outlet.