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Ecoriginals selected Percept, from the leading branding agencies Sydney, for the branding, packaging design and website design for their eco-friendly baby product range. This helped establish their company branding, getting them get on the market, while also providing a resource full of details about their products, including where they retailed.

Case Study

Branding Agencies Sydney for Branding, Packaging Design & Website Design

The Challenge

Ecoriginals have developed an eco-friendly disposable nappy range. These baby products will compete directly with the quality commercial brands, while offering a strong environmental proposition. In search of branding agencies Sydney, Percept, was selected by the client for this job.

Percept knew this new branding, packaging design and website design was to appear as trustworthy, premium and reliable, whilst offering the same, if not better, performance and quality as the market leader, Huggies, a giant in the baby products sector.

The Solution

Sydney branding agencies, Percept, chosen from the leading branding agencies Sydney that the client short-listed, developed branding, packaging design and website design that speaks directly to the ‘eco’ message of the product in its use of colour and imagery cues.

The colour palette for the branding is soft and gentle, as is the typography. The imagery used is both nursery-friendly and suggestive of the environmental skew of the branding. The packaging design includes babies wearing the nappies to help customers have an emotional connection with the product as well as presenting a visual size of infant that parents can relate to.

The product range includes Newborn, Infant, Crawler, Toddler and Walker sizes, with outer shippers. The branding then extended to new products; baby wipes and nappy tape too.

Once these baby products were launched, the Percept branding agencies were called upon for their website design and digital design to help with efforts such as their email marketing and advertising campaigns.

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