Packaging Design & Branding

Packaging design and branding for Hooten Beer by Australian packaging agency, Percept.

Case Study

Packaging Design & Branding by Australian Packaging Agency, Percept

Percept, Australian packaging agency Sydney, were chosen to develop the packaging design and branding for private label product, Hooten Beer. New to the Australian alcoholic beverage market, Hooten is fully imported from Holland. The name Hooten was provided by the client, but aside from that, there was no established packaging design and branding for beer, so everything was created from scratch.

The brief was to create packaging design and branding for the Australian market that was unique, identifiable, credible and memorable. It was also to visually communicate to the customer that it was a quality beer from Holland.

Australian packaging agency Sydney, Percept, made a strategic choice to conform to some of the conventions used by European beers that would successfully position this beer brand as a high quality, yet affordable product within the imported beer category.

For the branding, Percept utilised the Dutch lion and their national sporting colours to communicate the country of origin. And to fit within the premium beer category, a long necked green glass bottle was chosen along with a traditional label shape. Use of the name within a banner, backed up by symbolism developed specifically for the branding, give this beer its own unique personality.

Australian packaging agency Sydney, Percept, specified a foil label and the icons that were developed for the natural ingredients used, also add to the story that this is a premium product.

The packaging design for the six packs introduces a background of traditional Dutch houses which further enhances the authenticity of the origin of this finely brewed beer.

The six packs are placed into trays and then shrink wrapped for sale as a case in the retail environment where they are available throughout Australia.

The beer is traditionally brewed, bottled, labelled and packed in Holland. This meant that all the print production and labelling was done in Europe. This was handled from Australia with great management and communication skills from our Sydney based client, making for a fantastic end result.

If you would like to see this packaging design and branding project by Percept, you can pick up a case of the beer at any Liquorstax outlet.