Percept were selected from agencies across Australia, winning a competitive pitch for the packaging redesign for the Coopers Brewery, Premium Lager and Premium Light beer range.

Case Study

The Challenge

Coopers Brewery wanted to improve the appeal of their Premium Lager and Premium Light beer, to make them more relevant in today’s competitive market. The main task in this packaging redesign project was to create new labels for this existing beer range that is sold throughout Australia. The desired outcome was that the packaging redesign would help boost market-share in a competitive environment of imported and domestic beers.

The aim of this packaging redesign was to challenge consumers to reconsider Coopers as an option when presented as a choice among both domestic and international premium lager brands available in Australia.

The Solution

Percept was chosen as the successful packaging design agency after initial concepts were submitted for the packaging redesign from short-listed agencies across Australia in a paid pitch situation.

After assessing the existing products and competitor landscape, Percept created a packaging redesign solution that elevates the famous Coopers signature, giving it hero status. The signature is underlined by a metallic foil swoosh and is tied back into the iconic brand family by the familiar cross-hatch pattern detail which appears on other products from Coopers Brewery in Australia.

The new brand-led label, is clean and sophisticated in style and now rivals well-recognised European lager brands. It features strong graphic devices and colour blocking, giving the products cut-through and shelf presence, whilst also achieving positive impact when in the hand of the consumer.

The roll-out of this packaging redesign project included; bottle labels, crown seal, cans, clusters and cartons as well as promotional cartons for competitions.

Percept then went on to create the point of sale material for retail environments, including posters, A-frames, coasters, tap decals and tap talkers.



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