Alcohol Packaging Design

Sydney company Percept, created the branding and packaging design for this alcoholic beverage which retails in the spirits category.

Case Study

Branding / Alcohol Packaging Design

When searching for a design agency in Sydney, Percept were selected for the branding and alcohol packaging design for NovelTea’s new beverage product.

Their product in the spirit category, which required label design, is a tea flavoured vodka brand called LongLeaf.

This exciting new drink tastes amazing and they wanted a visual image that aligned with its unique flavour and character.

Drawing on inspiration from the world of tea and specifically the Sri Lankan origin, Percept created an illustrated tea leaf device as the brand logo, featuring a custom pattern from its heritage which appears on the alcohol packaging design.

Hand developed, custom typography gives the brand a crafted feel alluding to the small batch, boutique distilling process.

The alcohol packaging design features a transparent label with predominantly opaque white printing on the dark backdrop of the beverage itself also adds to the exotic allure of this beautiful tea vodka.

The end result is a simple, understated alcohol packaging design for the new product’s brand packaging, representing a sophisticated product that will appeal to its target demographic.



Alcohol Packaging Design

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