SunWild chose Percept as their creative agency to come up with a brand design and packaging for their infant and adult milk formula. These products are Australian made for export to the Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

Case Study

The Challenge

Sydney design agency, Percept, were engaged by SunWild to design multiple ranges of milk formula under the brand Naturewis, to be exported to the Asian and Middle Eastern regions.

The brief was to create a brand design and packaging that had a natural dairy product feel. The audience was also to know that the product was Australian made.

The Solution

Naturewis is targeted at adults, so the style is serious, premium and sophisticated, it has a strong link to typical dairy product packaging in its look and feel, and the messaging is positive with the use of healthy, happy people.

Colour indicators are used to differentiate between SKUs and a large milk splash helps customers easily identify with the end result of the product’s contents. Consumers are attracted by engaging imagery of farmland, which indicates a visual promise as to the quality of the product.