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Wine Label Design

Australian wine label design by Percept packaging design agency Sydney. The Orange Tree wine label required a modern design with a hint of fun character to suit an affordable price-point.

Case Study

Australian Wine Label Design

Packaging design agency Sydney, Percept Brand Design, created this Australian wine label design. Modern winemaker, Zilzie Australia was launching a range of seven wines under the brand name The Orange Tree.

Influenced by an illustration they had seen and loved, the client came up with the brand naming and approached Percept for Australian wine label design to be inspired by their reference for the new range.

As you can see above, the results are non-traditional wine labels with a fun, colourful and illustrative feel. This suits the affordable price-point that the brand is positioned at.

Each varietal in this set of Australian wine label design, has a quirky nickname. This gave us the chance add further character to the individual bottles within this playful range with variations on each illustration to suit its unique nickname.

This encourages cross selling opportunities with the customer who may even want to collect (and drink) the whole set.

The wine itself is very good, but we were conscious not to create a design that incorrectly positioned the brand above its price-point as it retails at the lower end of the scale. We didn’t want to scare people off with a look that was too premium.

The result of this Australian wine label design project is a bright, fun, tongue-in-cheek brand. A new wine brand that will emotionally connect with social wine drinkers.

You can find this modern Australian wine label design in Liquorstax outlets throughout Australia.

If you are interested in Australian wine label design, Percept would like to hear about your project.



Australian Wine Label Design

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