Graphic design for point of sale consumer packaging. Sydney agency Percept were selected to work on the Electrolux Home Products brand of premium cleaning goods.

Case Study

Electrolux worked with AE Displays in Sydney to create point of sale solutions. The requirements of which lead to this packaging graphic design project for their retail cleaning products.

Being a speciality of ours, Percept were commissioned to design a packaging solution for the Electrolux that positioned the brand at the premium end of the market.

Electrolux worked with us to design the packaging system for their own range of cleaning products that retail in department stores where their appliances are sold.

Percept’s solution was purposefully simple using a clean style featuring a blue background for good shelf blocking and establishing a strong link to Electrolux’s corporate image with use of colour and shape.

The overall graphic design for the packaging is far removed from the dumbed down retail feel of similar products.

This set of labels effectively positions the Electrolux range as high quality products. The whole idea is that consumers feel more comfortable purchasing their cleaning goods from a reputable brand name.

In another project that didn’t go to production we worked with Electrolux on the product packaging design for a range of cooking products that were developed in partnership with celebrity chef Tetsuya.

If you are interested in packaging design for any kind of retail consumer products, Percept would like the opportunity to discuss your project with you.