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Australian medical product branding and packaging design by Percept packaging agency in Sydney, for Osmo Patch.

Case Study

Medical Product Branding & Packaging Design

Retailing in chemists, the Osmo Patch is a 100% natural medical product by Australian company MediWise. Creative packaging design agency in Sydney, Percept, were selected to design the medical product branding and packaging design for this Australian company.

The brief for this project was to create medical product branding and packing design that had strong shelf shout whilst visually explaining what the product was. At the same time, it was to appear as a safe and reliable choice for the customer so it needed to evoke a feeling of trust.

Our creative strategy was to use visual triggers familiar within the medical product world. We also chose to conform to some of the standard visual language common in this area to satisfy the criteria.

The end result is strong medical product branding and packaging design with great shelf presence. It really feels at home amongst the other medical products retailing in Australian chemists.

The branding for the Osmo Patch is a clean typographic mark that alludes to the technology behind the product and how it actually works.

The benefits of the product are clearly communicated on packaging design, helping it sell itself at point of sale. Consideration was given to the hierarchy of this information and how it was laid out so that the customer could quickly and easily find the points that would help them make a purchasing decision.

The packaging design is laid out in landscape format on one side and portrait on the other. This way the retailer can decide how the product is displayed given their available shelf space.

Percept Brand Design also handled the specialist pre-press that was required for this packaging design job. A great result was achieved with the colour and reproduction of this pack, especially considering the silver foil stock that was used.

If you are interested in branding and packaging design for a medical product of any kind, Percept would be keen to hear about your project.



Medical Product Branding & Packaging Design

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