Creative strategy and brand design for egg packaging.

Case Study

Sydney creative agency Percept Brand Design was approached by boutique egg company Golden Yolk. The challenge was to develop the strategy and then design the creative for their newly formed brand.

The solution was a fun brand image that is full of character.

Custom illustration featured heavily in this creative project in order to create a label design that felt personal and trustworthy, which was a feel that the larger producers couldn’t compete with.

The strategy was to take a hand-drawn approach to both the brand logo design and the egg packaging design itself. This was essential in creating a natural, approachable package, that was full of personality, conveying the message that this produce was created with love and respect.

This illustration based style would also help to set Golden Yolk apart from their competition, as the competition predominantly used photography on their packs and a more serious, straighter style of typography.

This new brand mark drew inspiration from a fried egg and the golden yolk in the middle. It features custom illustrated typography which is youthful, exciting, and personable.

Once the unique logo design was established, the egg packaging then needed to be designed.

As Golden Yolk produce genuine free range eggs, this needed to be clearly communicated on the label.

The strategic angle we went with welcomed you to ‘the genuine world of free range’, a behind-the-scenes look at what happens when hens aren’t cooped up, but are free to roam on the farm!

The label design saw unique hen/egg characters come to life in a world of hills, textures, and patterns, curiously roaming throughout the label.

This immediately had cut-through with consumers, with this fun, intriguing label being a stand-out amongst the more standard pack designs found on shelf.

The characters developed have the versatility to be adapted to other marketing material in the future, such as printed point of sale material or digital executions such as social media campaigns.

The brand is original, warm, inviting, and clearly communicates the key characteristics that Golden Yolk stipulated in their initial design brief.