Real McCoy

FMCG Branding

FMCG branding and packaging design for The Real McCoy Snackfoods in Australia by Sydney creative agency Percept.

Case Study

FMCG Branding & Packaging Design

The Real McCoy Snackfood Co in Sydney, Australia manufacture savoury chips and associated products for sale in retail environments like supermarket chains. They approached Percept to develop FMCG branding and packaging design project for both existing a new products.

FMCG branding is an integral part of their packaging design and ultimately the product’s success. It serves to communicate the brand’s price point and provide strong shelf impact that help the identity of their products stand out in a congested FMCG marketplace when in a retail environment.

The Real McCoy Snackfoods in Sydney launched a corn chip to rival CC’s and Doritos in Australia. Creative agency, Percept was appointed for the FMCG branding and packaging design.

Corny’s is an example of one of their new product development projects. Our answer to the packaging design brief for the Corny’s brand was to appeal to the party and entertaining audience with a more fun approach than the competitors whilst still retaining simplicity and credibility.

Sydney creative agency, Percept, also believed that the corn chip’s Mexican origin provided a vehicle to communicate this theme of ‘fiesta’, so we based the brand around that core idea.

The main visual device on the FMCG branding and packaging design (Corny’s logo on the large corn chip shape) remains consistent on all flavours for maximum brand recognition and recall.

In terms of existing product lines, Jumpy’s are a chip product with unique appeal. We worked with Sydney company, Real McCoy, to develop this new packaging design which strategically moved their product to a different shelf position, but retained the branding that consumers were already familiar with. The graphic design style clearly retains the brand equity of the product because it is simple and strong. Sales figures have increased dramatically since its introduction and this rejuvenated packaging design by Sydney creative agency, Percept, has really stamped its mark in the Australian FMCG branding and packaging design category.

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