Product branding and retail range packaging redesign for FMCG snackfoods manufacturer in Sydney.

Case Study

Gold Medal Snacks is a FMCG manufacturer based in Sydney’s west. They make a range of retail products that you may have seen in the snackfood section of major supermarkets.

Sydney creative agency Percept, were chosen as the consultants to redesign their product branding and FMCG packaging whilst leveraging existing brand equity. The new design would be implemented on-shelf across their range of products as well as their corporate stationery and website design.

The repositioning for the GMS brand and product packaging design for Prawn Crackers, Savoury Prawn Crackers, Oinks, Porky Bits and Pork Krackles was intended to give the consumer a perception of a higher quality feel from what the had previously.

The objective was to tie all products together visually to improve shelf impact and brand recognition.

The brief also required some link to the older packs to reassure the existing customer base that the product was still the same.

Since the launch of the packaging redesign, the client has enjoyed a significant increase in retail distribution and product sales which they credit as a direct result of the new product packaging.