Sprout Stack

Packaging Design

Challenging the way fresh produce is perceived with packaging design for Living Salad, a product by Australian company Sprout Stack.

Case Study

Australian Packaging Design

The Challenge

Sprout Stack revolutionise how fresh produce is grown and distributed, by using vertical hydroponics in controlled conditions, without compromising the environment.

When their Living Salad plants are delivered, they are still alive with their roots intact, allowing you to harvest when required. Absolute freshness is of great appeal to restaurants and cafe chefs as well as the home cook.

Percept Branding Agencies were engaged to bring their vision to life with Australian packaging design for Living Salad, that conveys what makes Sprout Stack’s products so special – as well as being eco-conscious, healthy and nutritious, the produce is still alive which means ultimate freshness and longer shelf life.

The Solution

The new Living Salad packaging design presents a rustic, farmer fresh feel with its brown paper textured background and combination of handwritten and condensed typography adding an organic, personal touch. Percept Branding Agencies also created a suite of icons as part of the project and integrated into the packaging design, clearly highlighting key benefits and claims whilst adhering to brand guidelines.

The abstract lettuce diecut is positioned to ensure prime visibility of the product and it cleverly integrates into the root illustration. This connects to a black textured panel that graphically represents the coconut hair base and helps to ground the pack, providing a perfect holding device for the icons.

The Australian packaging design for Sprout Stack’s product Living Salad, successfully blends innovation with nature, holding a strong presence on shelf. Its friendly and organic look is cohesive and consumer friendly, contributing to its success in the market.

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