Retail Packaging Design

Retail packaging design for Australian consumer technology and electronic products.

Case Study

Retail Packaging Design

Stash asked Sydney creative agency, Percept, to research and design their retail packaging design and branding.

These electronic consumer products are sold within the Australian technology sector and include such items as flash memory cards, bluetooth devices, digital photo frames and graphics tablets.

Percept conducted a visual audit on their existing branding and retail packaging design of competing brands across various outlets and reported our recommendations.

Based on the findings, branding agency, Percept, commenced the brand design which features new colour-ways, now tiered according to product category and a refreshed retail packaging design system on all applications for products of different shapes and sizes.

The end result is retail packaging design and branding with improved shelf impact that also helps differentiate the new Stash brand from other competitors in this saturated retail market of electronic consumer products.