Eye-catching packaging redesign for food company, Sugotu.

Case Study

The Challenge

Sugotu have wide success across wholesale, export and retail, offering premium pizza dough products that are authentic, easy to use and vegan friendly.

Feeling that their existing packaging was outdated and confusing, they approached Percept for a packaging redesign to modernise their image.

The Solution

With the communication of product appeal top of mind, Percept approached the packaging redesign so that it easily leads the eye to all the key points of content, a must for products behind the freezer door.

Clear content hierarchy allows people to instantly see what the product is, emphasising how easy it is to make, as well as highlighting the benefits for health conscious consumers.

A rustic, organic typeface is used to give the packaging redesign authentic character, thematically tying-in with the image that support the 100% natural ingredients claim. Overall, the image is warm, inclusive and instantly connects with cooks, particularly busy parents with young families.

The result is a refreshingly contemporary packaging redesign that aligns with the Sugotu brand and has strong shelf shout to ensure the product stands out in the market.