Infant milk formula branding and packaging to be exported to the Middle East and Asia.

Case Study

The Challenge

Belwiz is a brand by SunWild, who engaged graphic design agency Percept, to develop the banding and packaging for their infant milk products that are exported to the Middle East and Asia.

The client wanted the branding to feel cute and be obviously Australian. They wanted a creative solution that stands out on shelf in busy supermarkets for those reasons.

The Solution

Belwiz infant formula packs were designed for the three stage development which are 0-6months, 6-12months, 1-3+years.

The graphic design uses an animated koala character which engages with the audience and clearly identifies the product as belonging to the baby category as well as establishing that it is Australian made.

Clear information hierarchy and colours help with product differentiation and communicate the distinction between each product type.

The packaging design was developed in multiple languages including; English, Chinese, Arabic and Kurdish for universal appeal.