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Among the leading Australian branding agencies, Percept are experienced in creating logo design, professional sport branding and graphic design for sports organisations.

Case Study

Australian Branding Agencies for Sport Branding & Graphic Design

Percept is one of the branding agencies that love sport as well as branding, so when the official national governing bodies for Skate Australia, BMX Australia, Speedway Australia and Equestrian Australia each required rebranding, they chose Percept from all the Australian branding agencies. This was because of the professional level of design expected for their sport branding and graphic design agency requirements.

The logo design for each of these professional sports organising bodies needed to encapsulate the essence of the sport, whilst appearing official as they must represent the sport across all of Australia as the top tier above clubs or state organisations within their own network. This is why they needed to engage one of the leading branding agencies in Sydney, Percept Brand Design.

The branding for Skate Australia is dynamic in appearance. It is symbolic of a spinning wheel and captures the excitement of each of the action sports under the organisation’s umbrella from artistic skating to roller derby.

These professional sport branding and graphic design projects each feature the national sporting colours of Australia. The familiar green and gold is used throughout all Australian graphic design agency executions because that combination is well recognised on a national and international level.

As a partner of Cycling Australia, the BMX Australia brand image is a spin off of their corporate identity. However, the BMX Australia logo is a little more gritty to reflect the difference between the two. Athletes from BMX Australia are also proud competitors in The Olympic Games.

No strangers to The Olympic Games are Equestrian Australia and The Australian Equestrian Team, you can find out more about their sports branding project on their case study page in this website.

As the peak body for Speedway, Speedway Australia approached one of the leading branding agencies, Percept, for brand design that will represent them as a credible organisation to represent them nationally. The chequered flag device was created as a strong symbol of the sport itself as well as winning. Custom made type was designed to capture the speed and excitement of racing when at the track.

If your organisation wants to update its look with professional sport branding and graphic design, just contact Percept, who is among the leading Australian branding agencies. We would love the opportunity to discuss your project and demonstrate our expertise in branding.