Equestrian Australia logo design, brand identity and styleguide.

Case Study

Equestrian Australia are the official equestrian sports governing body in Australia.

Percept were chosen to design their new logo design, brand identity and styleguide for consistent use across varying applications.

The new brand identity features an umbrella logo for Equestrian Australia. Under this sits the various state branch logos such as NSW, VIC and QLD as well as logo design for specific equestrian sporting events and the Australian Equestrian Team itself.

The brand identity was then rolled out across other projects such as stationery, website, banners, pins and uniforms to help give the organisation a professional feel.

The brand identity and styleguide was then fully fleshed out and developed to ensure anyone that uses the identity system, knows how to apply in properly with detailed instructions on each element.



Brand Identity & Styleguide

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