Briars Sports

Branding Agencies

The Briars Club selected Sydney branding agencies, Percept, to carry out a rebranding and style guide project that would re-energise their brand internally as well as to the outside world.

Case Study

Branding Agencies

The Challenge

Percept branding agencies were asked to do a full brand audit on the Briars Club and Sports brands. The outcome of this would set the direction for the rebranding and style guide project.

The aim of the rebranding exercise was to improve their professionalism and breath new life into the club. This is why they chose to work with one of the leading branding agencies in Sydney, Percept.

The Solution

The rebranding and style guide was developed and presented in stages based on the outcomes of the initial visual audit conducted by one of Sydney’s top branding agencies, Percept. The new brand design was then created and has proven to be more appealing to potential new members while still retaining the history and equity of what already existed so as to remain authentic to those who have grown with the club.

The rebranding has seen Briars move in-line with the business objectives outlined by their board, which is to be more modern, progressive and family friendly.

Percept branding agencies helped them implement the rebranding successfully by creating an in-depth style guide which covers intended design usage in relation to all elements that may be used by the brand. It includes items such as stationery, signage, staff uniforms and team sports kits.

If you are searching for branding agencies for a similar project, contact Percept to discuss your needs.