Brand identity design for state of the art, early learning education centres.

Case Study

The Challenge

Daystars is an experienced childcare centre for children 0-6. They asked Percept to design a logo, stationery and a brand identity that would speak to multiple demographics with national reach across Australia.

The system was to be fun, flexible and simple to apply to a wide range of media outputs from web to signage and everything in between.

The Solution

Percept created a brand identity design that stands out as being inclusive, progressive and organic.

The logo was created to be a flexible parent company that can house sub-brands for future expansion as the business rolled-out to other locations.

Central to the brand identity, the logo design is simple, energetic and friendly. A rounded typeface has been used to capture the feeling of fun and energy. This is further reinforced by the bright colour palette that has been selected for the brand.

The organic, free-form star icons represent the company name as well as the different stages of growth at Daystars Early Learning Centre and convey the idea a that every child sparkles in their own unique way, and it is this idea that is at the core of the brand identity.