Corporate Identity

Corporate identity, document templates and website design package for ITC Law, a law firm in Sydney.

Case Study

Corporate Identity

The Challenge

ITC Law are legal experts in Sydney who specialise in construction law. They provide solutions to commercial issues for individuals and businesses.

The challenge for design agency, Percept, was to create a corporate identity that was modern and progressive but showed that the company was well established and among the leading professionals in their field.

The Solution

Percept is a design agency with expertise in corporate identity design. Percept developed a corporate identity package with a simple yet strong design solution using clean typography and a contemporary colour palette to communicate the core values of what ITC Law represents – innovation, technology, construction and law.

The corporate identity was rolled-out to a range of collateral they use in the day-to-day running of their business; stationery, powerpoint presentations, in-house documents, promotional items, ads, signage, e-newsletter and website design.

In the 2 years after the launch of their new corporate identity which included a website design, the client reported an increased revenue of 50% more than their base-level turn-over up to that point. The positive incline was immediate and has been steadily maintained during the time since.

The new website design has proven very effective as it is the only consistent marketing tool used in that 2 year period, and the client reported that at least 25% of their workflow is generated from new clients each year, which they directly attribute to the performance of the new website that design agency, Percept, had created for them, in terms of its visibility, engagement, communication and call to action.

As an added benefit of the branding design by Percept, the client noted that the new website design also has functionality that direct clients to their payment platform, improving processes and saving them time and money as a result. ITC Law consider their new website design and corporate identity a real success.

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