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Branding & Brand Design

Branding and brand design, including corporate identity and company stationery design for a firm of business consultants by Percept – Brand Design, Sydney.

Case Study

Branding & Brand Design

As a consulting firm that specialises in business and technology, Daddia & Co were looking for the best branding agency, Percept, for brand design in Sydney. They selected, branding experts, Percept, to assist them with their corporate identity and overall brand design.

Working with Sydney branding agency, Percept – Brand Design, to develop their corporate identity, beginning with a refresh of their branding and flowing that through to their company stationery. This part of the brand design Sydney was of the highest priority for them because their company stationery suite forms the most important part of their branding.

The Sydney consultants identified the need to redesign their corporate identity because their existing brand design was underachieving and the branding did not visually represent the company’s culture.

As they are IT consultants, strategic branding agency, Percept, developed a corporate identity program with a non-tech feel. This conscious approach to brand design helped communicate the ethos of their company which is that they speak the language of business outcomes rather than confusing technical jargon that some of their competitors are fluent in!

Whilst consultants generally deal in the black and white, Branding agency, Percept’s experience in brand design led us to advise the importance of developing a colour palette that represented warmth as part of the new brand design. The new branding indicated that when you deal with Daddia & Co you’ll get a personal approach and a true business partner relationship.

At the centre of the new branding by Percept, the refresh of the brand identity itself also helps to back up this notion of the personal touch and the hand written feel of the logo design subliminally suggests that you will be dealing directly with the owner of the business.

When it comes to branding, some people think that brand design and a company stationery suite are just commodities. This is a good example of how these items, when well thought through as part of an overall brand design Sydney, say a whole lot more about who a company actually is. Rather than just being the vehicle for the contact details that are printed on them, this brand design project provides insight into the company’s personality, helping their customers to feel a better connection, all because they worked with a professional branding agency such as Percept.

Could your corporate identity and branding do with a refresh? Contact us at Percept – Brand Design, we’d love to discuss your brand design project.