Identity Design

Identity design for a company who specialise in refrigeration services for start up businesses by Percept Brand Design Sydney.

Case Study

Identity Design by Percept Brand Design Sydney

The Challenge

Recognising a gap in the market for a service-driven refrigeration geared towards new start up businesses, Kaldr approached creative agency, Percept Brand Design Sydney to develop a full identity design including logo, stationery, vehicle signage, and website design.

The Solution

Percept Brand Design Sydney, wanting to help Kaldr stand out and be noticed, created a strong identity design that looks professional, clean, corporate and memorable.

Central to the identity design is the company logo design, which is strong in its bold colour palette. The steel blue indicates cool temperature while the golden yellow highlights receding warmth.

The identity design is a system with the ability to apply the company logo design in both orientations, so the K symbol cleverly indicates a temperature gauge.

Rolling the identity design out to stationery and vehicle signage, means Kaldr can approach new clients feeling confident the branding represents ideals like precision, reliability and punctuality, which is what the company stands for.

If you have an identity design project, Percept Brand Design Sydney are experts in this area.