Australian financial services company RAMS selected Percept as their corporate rebranding specialists.

Case Study

Corporate Rebranding

The RAMS marketing team had decided that it was time they refreshed their company image and approached Percept in Sydney for this corporate rebranding project.

A well known name in the Australian finance sector, RAMS specialise in home loans. They had decided to reposition their business by extending their offerings beyond home loans to an array of financial services that are provided primarily online.

They decided to undergo a corporate rebranding to coincide with this change in scope and to communicate that they are a progressive company who are moving forward.

Obviously we were not to reinvent the wheel as RAMS had awareness and equity in their existing image. As such, the brief was more of a refresh or brand evolution rather than a revolution.

The company colours, capitalisation of the lettering and the ram’s horn device were all to be retained. This was part of the brief because the refreshed brand image was to coexist with their previous branding over what could be a period of years for such a large brand roll-out.

Areas of the identity which Percept chose to advance were the modernisation of the type and the redesign of the horns device itself. We also introduced an upward curve where the colours meet to symbolise positive financial charts, signifying the desired outcome customers seek from their financial services provider.

Other subtleties were introduced such gradients within the colour to achieve a little more depth and simplifying the brand mark with the removal of the bar underneath that contained the Home Loans text as they now offer so much more. We also felt that removing the black was important during the rebrand as it made for a lighter and more approachable feel.

Without changing the RAMS brand altogether, the end result has strengthened the foundations of their corporate brand image and now provides a visual identity that is more relevant to today’s market and their new business model.

Once complete, we developed a brand manual to help set the guidelines for the usage of the new identity.

Although Percept were not responsible for these elements, we have shown images such as Raymond the Ram, the TVC and branch signage to illustrate how the new logo is applied in different executions when the rebrand was rolled-out.