This press ad campaign appeared in magazine publications and newspapers throughout Australia. It's a concept driven creative campaign for corporate accounting firm, BDO.

Case Study

Percept were chosen as BDO’s creative partner to develop the concept behind their national newspaper and magazine ad campaign.

BDO help businesses from start ups to multi-nationals. They’re a world wide network of public accounting firms. Each independent BDO Member Firm serves local and international clients in its own country.

With their head office in Brisbane, BDO Australia searched many creative agencies in all Australian states before selecting Percept as their partner for this project.

It was crucial that they chose the right creative agency to help them with the highly important national press ad campaign to position BDO as a challenger to the big four.

Percept welcomed the appointment with enthusiasm and got straight to work on the challenging brief.

A point to consider was once the strategy, creative and design had been finalised, that the campaign was to be easily rolled out to magazines and newspapers all over Australia by BDO’s in-house design team.

Obviously a strong and memorable creative concept was key, but we had to devise a formula that would see a variety of creative with consistent execution for the life of such a large corporate ad campaign once it was in the hands of the client.

Once the concept had been agreed upon, Percept brainstormed many acronym headlines that were to be used throughout the ad campaign in conjunction with stock photo imagery which was laid out in a design template that follows the directive of the company’s global corporate styleguide.

Since launching, the creative for this corporate press ad campaign has proven to be successful in achieving the client’s objectives.