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Concept driven, creative magazine advertising campaigns for Australian food company Riviana.

Case Study

Creative Magazine Advertising Campaigns

Percept have been Riviana’s creative agency for many, many years, helping them relaunch their food service division. Once Percept had re-launched all of Riviana’s brand packaging and new website design, the next step was to develop creative magazine advertising campaigns to promote their varied range of food products.

Percept decided to go for a simple and clear approach for best results.

White backgrounds were used to show the new packaging design in an uncluttered environment so their customers became familiar with the new look.

A conceptually driven photograph becomes the hero of each ad which is backed up with a simple and witty headline which clearly communicates the client’s desired message with a sense of fun. This is applied across all ads in their creative magazine advertising campaigns.

All creative magazine advertising campaigns have a consistent layout and are well branded to reinforce the Riviana name with every ad that appears in these industry publications regardless of the subject matter.

Since the relaunch, Riviana informs us that their creative magazine advertising campaigns have been getting great results!

They attribute the success to the fact that conceptual nature of the campaigns help to achieve cut-through in an environment where the advertising tends to be a little more straight-forward.

Because of this, they are happy they elected to put their creative magazine advertising campaigns in the hands of an experienced creative agency such as Percept, as it has seen a good return on their investment.



Creative Magazine Advertising Campaigns

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