Creative agency, Percept, develops press advertising and graphic design for a global brand's Australian newspaper ads.

Case Study


Yahoo!7 is one of the most comprehensive and engaging online destinations. This global brand brings together the highly successful internet business Yahoo! Australia & NZ with the online assets, television and magazine content of the Seven Network, one of Australia’s leading media companies. Yahoo!7 was growing rapidly and approached creative agency, Percept, to help them with their press advertising and graphic design for Australian newspaper ads to seek new team players that want to ‘live their brand’.

Small teaser ads were designed to get the attention and interest future employees who were familiar with the global brand. They pointed them to the beginning of the Sydney Morning Herald where they would find larger, more detailed advertising explaining each job position on offer.

Therefore the creative for the advertising and graphic design needed to be very simple, striking and bold, acting as a teaser, focussing on the brand recognition of Yahoo!7.

The brief for the advertising and graphic design of the larger size ad was to give potential employees a reason to contact them.

To achieve this call to action from their target market we focused on their recognisable global branding and clear and easily read job descriptions.

The advertising was also sub-branded for Xpand, a recruitment agency based in Sydney that handles employment opportunities and job vacancies for Yahoo!7 in Australia.

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