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Corporate graphic design for the Australian Stock Exchange. Design agency, Percept, created strategic marketing collateral in the form of B2B direct mail brochures.

Case Study

Design Agency for B2B Communication Strategy / Corporate Graphic Design / Direct Mail Brochures

The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) commissioned Sydney design agency, Percept, because of our experience in corporate graphic design. The ASX asked us to create a suite of direct mail (DM) B2B marketing collateral to help sell their products.

Percept – Design Agency, developed the corporate graphic design strategy, concept and DM brochure design for this targeted B2B direct mail campaign which was used by their Information Services Division.

Percept – Design Agency, created the first DM brochure using the analogy of a hummingbird which moves so quickly it appears as a blur, yet when slowed down incredible detail is revealed. The corporate graphic design strategy behind this concept is when you have a tool that can capture fine detail such as real time stock values, you can see exactly what is going on and make more informed decisions.

This visually represented the product they were offering so it could be better understood on a business to business (B2B) level, especially because it was executed in a corporate graphic design style.

This B2B direct mail campaign proved to be a good return on investment, with an immediate spike in public company subscriptions across Australia.

Following the success of the first DM brochure design, the Percept design agency decided to follow a theme for all Australian Stock Exchange Information Services marketing material. There is no shortage of symbolism in the bird world with many parallels that can be drawn to each product’s benefits throughout the B2B DM campaign.

These B2B marketing communications connect with their desired audience because of the corporate graphic design style. Committing to the bird theme is also a very effective way to provide branding for the marketing collateral from that specific division within a large corporation such as the ASX.

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