BMX Australia

Communication Design

Percept is a brand agency in Sydney. This project shows brand identity and communication design for Australia’s peak sporting organisation for BMX. The roll-out of the new brand identity was applied to communication design items such as their brochure design and event promo posters.

Case Study

Brand Agency for Brand Identity and Communication Design

Brand agency, Percept, created the brand identity and branding for the communication design for BMX Australia, the leading organisation for the sport in Australia. The Percept brand agency then went on to set the style of the branding and communication design for the organisation so that third party brand designers could apply the same look and feel.

As part of Cycling Australia, the BMX Australia brand identity needed to be linked to the over-arching branding, whilst showing the dynamics of this fast-growing and exciting sport.

Youth appeal was an important part of this communication design project and this was also to be balanced with the authority of a serious sporting organisation. This was made clear when brand agency, Percept, was initially briefed for both the brand identity and communication design.

While the branding meets these opposing themes as part of the brand identity design, Sydney brand agency, Percept, ended up pushing the edgy youth appeal a little harder with the communication design portion of the overall project. The printed marketing communication shows off the dynamic appeal of the sport with a branding design style that speaks the language of those immersed in its culture.

Since featuring at the Olympics, BMX has gained more credibility and public awareness which has significantly increased the participation rate at grass-roots level. As a leading brand agency in Sydney, Percept Brand Design are proud to contribute to the advancement of the sport by helping it to mature on a branding and communication design level. We enjoyed increasing the professionalism of their marketing communication across all physical, printed and digital executions.

Searching for a brand agency for your communication design? Percept could be the perfect match.