Percept is a creative agency in Sydney that have been commissioned by many clients for their infographic design.

Infographic Design

The Challenge

Infographic design is popular these days, because generally speaking, people can find graphs boring and some can be hard to understand.

In order to display data in an interesting way that will be noticed and better understood, there has been a tendency in recent times to use well designed infographics to illustrate key information to a reader.

Percept is a Sydney creative agency who specialise in communication design. This gives us an advantage when working on projects that involve infographics.

The Solution

Percept use a combination of imagery and text to quickly convey data in a better way than traditional graphs.

The level of complexity varies depending on the topic and budget of the project. They can be photographic or illustrative in style and in most cases, they are created in a way that best fits with the look and feel of the brand they represent. Often they feature the subject matter, so as to literally depict a particular statistic.

People are far more likely to take interest in the information communicated by an infographic and it is proven that there is a better retention rate for information when it is delivered in this format.

With infographic design, it’s best to represent the data in a way that will engage the viewer if they are to quickly understand it. As you can see by the variety of projects shown here, infographics represent a great opportunity to have some fun with statistics and otherwise bland information in a more visually interesting way.

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