Brand agency, Percept, design a flexible brand identity system for the Healthy Eating Active Living initiative by the NSW Government.

Case Study

The Challenge

NSW Ministry of Health provides many evidence-based programs, activities and services which promote community awareness and participation in healthy eating and active living. Unfortunately there was a lack of cohesion between these resources that diluted the impact of the NSW Government as the credible voice. As a result, they required a brand agency such as Percept, to develop a flexible brand identity system that could tie everything together, whilst being easy to use.

The Department of Customer Service requires NSW Government agencies to make it easier for people to identify and access information, programs and services which promote this.

Brand agency, Percept, was tasked with developing a single, recognisable Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) brand identity system design to align with this commitment.

The Solution

From a competitive pitch situation involving multiple agencies, Percept is the brand agency that was eventually awarded the assignment.

Percept created a distinctive and flexible brand identity system that works with the varying requirements of different government bodies, sub-bodies and partner entities. As the brand identity needed to be recognised and understood by a wide demographic of people, we turned to simple iconography as the solution.

Promoting positivity was key to the initiative and this was represented by the brand identity system’s bright, vibrant colours. Like the icons, colours could be mixed and matched, and dialled up and down, to suit different needs as well as to speak to specific audiences. For example, we worked with Aboriginal artist, Charmaine Mumbulla, to develop a suite of icons and a colour palette specifically for Aboriginal audiences.

As part of the project, we created a brand guidelines document and a suite of templates for both print and digital purposes.

The new brand identity system, designed by Percept, was also applied to the Healthy Eating Active Living website design and digital design, as well as advertising and print communications.

Although it has only launched recently, there has been a positive response from external consumers and stakeholders who participated in the numerous user testing workshops conducted at different stages of the project, as well as the internal government team who see the success of this project as the benchmark to large government brand identity design projects in the pipeline.

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