A clean brochure design that keeps Clifford Flooring well covered.

Case Study

The Challenge

Clifford Flooring are leaders in the installation of epoxy and polyurethane flooring systems, catering specifically to industries and environments that require compliance to relevant Australian Workplace Health & Safety and TGA standards and accreditations.

They approached Percept for a brochure design to be used as a leave behind. Its aim is to highlight their key offerings and establish Clifford Flooring as a reliable, high quality and committed leader in the flooring game.

The Solution

Percept created a clean, sophisticated brochure design that effectively captures Clifford Flooring’s capabilities to provide effective products, service and workmanship that not only covers floors from wear and tear, but keeps them looking good.

Bold and engaging, the ‘We’ve got it covered’ title provides an insight into the attitude of the brand through this playful pun. Light imagery and open, white space emphasises the clean and hygienic benefits of Clifford Flooring’s offerings and aesthetic style.

The brochure design features a transparent outer cover which adds a layer of protection for the document, much like the flooring systems they specialise in. Sophisticated and elegant, the attention to detail in this brochure design effectively sets Clifford Flooring apart from their competitors.



Brochure Design

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