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Communication Design

Graphic design agency, Percept, was selected for this Australian Government communication design project.

Case Study

Percept is a Graphic Design Agency on the Australian Government Graphic Design Preferred Suppliers Panel

Percept is a graphic design agency in Sydney. Percept is also a graphic design services provider included on the Australian Government preferred suppliers panel.

The Australian Government Cotton Research and Development Corporation in rural NSW chose graphic design agency, Percept, from the preferred supplier panel for graphic design services for this communication design project. The specific task was for their marketing collateral and employee communication design work in the form of a new newsletter design.

The newsletter design for the Australian Government Cotton Research and Development Corporation is called ‘Spotlight’. It is a quarterly print publication that was in desperate need of an overhaul. Graphic design agency, Percept, was appointed to refresh the brand design style of the publication and improve its format to increase readership.

Graphic design agency, Percept, in Sydney, Australia, developed a new brand design style featuring a layout grid that is interchangeable and the colour palette for each issue is based on the hero shot from the front cover.

Graphic design agency, Percept, developed the new style of Australian Government graphic design for the newsletter. Since its publication, it has been very well received both internally and externally with the industry newsletter design enjoying its highest ever readership levels.

As a result, Sydney graphic design agency Percept has been selected from the preferred supplier panel for other communication design projects for both the Australian Government and NSW Government and departments therein, as a graphic design services supplier.

If you are interested in communication design, Australian graphic design agency, Percept, would happily discuss your project with you. Feel free to contact us and start the conversation.