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Infographics design and communication design for workplace health and safety of aviation fuel company in Sydney, Australia.

Case Study

Communication Design / Infographics Design

The Challenge

In this communication design project, aviation refuellers, Caltex, required infographics design for a set of safety notification to be created in a similar style to their existing set for truck drivers.

It was important that the infographics design met the brief by visually communicating clearly to the aviation team and were flexible enough to be applied to a variety of different sized collateral. This is why they engaged communication design experts, Percept.

The Solution

With plenty of communication design experience, Percept approached this project with a tried and tested process. The infographics design for the new aviation refuellers safety signs continue the clean Caltex brand aesthetic, utilising strong block colours and simple, solid illustrations.

Each illustration visually depict a recognisable scenario – simple in execution but effective in communication design, with minimal text required, which is the point of effective infographics design.

Dimension and detail are added to create a more realistic engine rendering, with jet propeller blades protruding outside the engine for customisation to the field of aviation.

Communication design specialists, Percept, developed a flexible infographics design system using safety cone holding devices to ground individual illustrations, letting them also work as stand-alone icons.

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