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Looking for Sydney graphic design companies to create cool promo material for their youth audience, Global Rock Challenge selected Percept.

Case Study

Graphic Design

Global Rock Challenge came to Percept when they were looking for cool Sydney graphic design companies to develop creative graphic design and promotional material for their live entertainment events. In New Zealand, high school students compete in Stage Challenge, in Australia it is Rock Eisteddfod and the primary school student event is called JRock.

The Rock Eisteddfod Challenge is a series of dance and drama events staged in Australia by school pupils as part of the Global Rock Challenge.

These events aim to promote healthy lifestyle choices, particularly abstinence from drugs and alcohol and at the same time raise awareness about obesity by promoting dance as a fun way to exercise. Because of this, they selected a short-list of Sydney graphic design companies that they felt would best connect with their youthful audience in a credible way.

Percept were selected from the short-list of Sydney graphic design companies and engaged to design cool graphics, which were fun, energetic and positive. The main part of the job was the posters which target primary and high school kids, whilst highlighting these core values.

These poster designs, which Percept initially created for the NZ events were the base of which all other creative collateral for the Eisteddfod would be based off.

Percept incorporated bright colours and trendy textures to captivate our young adult audience and cute, quirky characters to engage the younger ones.

If you have a cool project to discuss and are interested in working with Sydney graphic design companies, Percept would love to hear from you.



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