Schools Spectacular

Marketing Communications

Graphic design for the performing arts. Schools Spectacular partner with Sydney creative agency, Percept Branding, to create their annual event's marketing communications.

Case Study

Marketing Communications

The Challenge

Schools Spectacular is an iconic performing arts event that showcases students of varying ages, cultures, skills and socio-economic backgrounds; from metropolitan, rural and remote regions of NSW.

Sydney branding agency, Percept, were approached to design the 2017 event look and feel, based on the theme, ‘Own The Moment’. This was because we are part of the NSW Government Advertising and Digital Communication Services Pre-qualification Scheme. The challenge was to explore how this theme would be represented on a level that would inspire individual as well as the collective. The design for the marketing communications showcases the scale of the event and creates a unique feel for the year’s theme, whilst working within the branding framework.

With a target audience of more than 500 Public Schools across Australia. Teachers, students and parents/caregivers. The objective was to raise positive awareness about the event to encourage a high level of participation and ultimately increase ticket sales and revenue on previous years.

The Solution

Empowerment was the driving force behind the brief for design agency, PerceptBranding, with the notion that everyone has a moment to own. The design celebrates the individual’s moment within the collective and promotes this performing arts event as being highly entertaining for the audience.

Design agency, Percept, created a hero ‘Own The Moment’ graphic, utilising the circles of the letters as a window. Each individual bursts through the frame, demonstrating their energy, passion and unique talent. Percept, the design agency, created these marketing communications to highlight the immense scale of the event, featuring a full view of the stadium and its audience.

The Schools Spectacular visual identity was carried through with rich, eye-catching gradients ensuring that the branding design stayed in line with the umbrella brand. The theme  was rolled out to a multitude of print and digital marketing communications including web banners for Ticketek, A2 posters, lightbox posters, certificates, T-shirts, adverts, venue signage, flyers and the event’s program booklet.

The work that design agency, Percept, completed for the 2017 performances positively contributed to a successful year for Schools Spectacular. Specifically, paid ticket sales increased by 20% on the average of the previous 3 years. Based on this success, PerceptBranding has since been selected as the design agency for the 2018-2022 events, working on the theme and marketing campaign each year since as a result.