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Annual Report Design

Design agency, Percept, creates engaging infographics and annual report design for NSW Elder Abuse Helpline & Resource Unit.

Case Study

Infographics & Annual Report Design by Design Agency, Percept

The Challenge

Due to expertise in visual communication, design agency, Percept was selected for this infographics and annual report design project.

The NSW Elder Abuse Helpline & Resource Unit was established as part of the NSW Ageing Strategy to help intervene and prevent incidences of elder abuse. The organisation offers a free service that provides information, support and referrals relating to the abuse of older people living in the community across NSW.

Over the financial year, EAHRU has seen many changes and were involved in many exciting events. They wanted to present these in an annual report design that used infographics to convey key information. They selected Percept as their design agency due to proven experience in effective visual communication.

The Solution

Design agency, Percept, created a visually engaging infographic and annual report design, utilising the recognisable, organic shapes present in their brand identity to highlight key content. These add a soft touch to the annual report design and help to indicate growth and positive change within the organisation.

The vibrance of the brand colours adds energy and warmth to the annual report design and help to positively promote the organisation’s role in the community. The infographics design style takes visual cues from the logo design and brand identity elements with their organic, rounded forms. Woven throughout the annual report design, they create bold and visually engaging infographics which help readers navigate through a lot of information. Most importantly, they create an easy-to-understand snapshot of important data and statistics.

EAHRU’s brand personality and values are effectively captured in their new infographics design and annual report design. It has become an effective visual communication tool for educating the public and stakeholders on the significant impact that elder abuse has in the community and keeps them up-to-date on what the EAHRU team have achieved over the financial year.

If you need a design agency for infographics and annual report design, Percept are here to help. Contact us to discuss your requirements.