Graffiti Clean

Communication Design

Percept was chosen from among the Australian creative agencies with communication design expertise. As one of the top creative agencies, Percept's prowess in communication design saw them work with Graffiti Clean on their brand campaign messaging, marketing and advertising design.

Case Study

Percept were selected from Australian creative agencies for this communication design work.

The team at Graffiti Clean already had their brand identity designed and were assessing Australian creative agencies to bring the brand identity to life through a clever brand campaign that was to be executed across all collateral with consistent advertising and marketing communication design.

In Percept Creative Agencies Sydney, they found their partner with communication design expertise for their marketing and advertising requirements.

A company focussed on cleaning up the environment – literally, through their advanced and prompt graffiti removal service, and also through the way they conduct their business – Graffiti Clean tasked Percept with the job.

As one of the top Australian creative agencies with expertise in visual communication design, Percept derived a conceptually driven solution with the main focus on the copywriting of the headline and the creative use of typography to deliver an impactful message.

The headline and its play on words represents the cleaning up of graffiti as well as focusing on Graffiti Clean’s quality asset of performing “invisible repairs”.

The sub heading reinforces Graffiti Clean as being a leader and innovator in their field.

The resulting advertising campaign is minimalist and punchy, enabling a clear message to be communicated in a clean and professional manner, anchored by a strong call to action, which was important for the marketing and advertising design to be effective.

Creative agencies = Percept. And with this in mind, the concept was further brought to life by Percept in the capability statement brochure, which expands on the idea to create a professional, corporate brochure and brand identity.

As most of their target audience are local councils, straight design style and clarity of information was important in this communication design piece.

The colours of the brand identity have been incorporated into the design of all marketing communications and advertising material to create a simple, strong and punchy brand image, along with the use of the lens flare effect to add a dynamic graphic element, reinforcing the message of ‘a brighter future’.

Select imagery has been included by Percept Creative Agencies, which represents a feeling of emotion and a sense of community. This helps create the image of being safe and comfortable in a clean environment as a result of Graffiti Clean’s service. Hand written fonts also help to add personal touch.

The Graffiti Clean brand identity design carries through to the stationery suite and website design, creating a well balanced and professional brand identity which extends from their logo design to everything that Percept created for their marketing and advertising communication design material and this is why Percept is one of the top creative agencies.

If you are interested in working with leading Australian creative agencies like Percept on a marketing or advertising campaign, contact us today. We would love to share our communication design expertise with you.