Juiced Life

Brand Communications

After assessing Australian branding agencies, Percept was selected by this food and beverage retail franchise to put the zing back into their brand communications.

Case Study

Brand Communications

The Challenge

This food and beverage retail franchise wanted to refresh their brand communications. After shortlisting Australian branding agencies, Percept was chosen as their creative services provider because of proven expertise across branding, packaging design and brand communications .

Juiced Life are a chain of successful food and beverage stores that offer a range of products that are all-natural, nutritionally balanced and full of both fresh and quality ingredients.

Their existing branding was still loved internally, however it was often seen as inconsistent and lacking a graphic approach that held everything together. They approached many Australian branding agencies, selecting Percept to develop a creative concept for a new range of product packaging design that would then be adapted to various touch points and brand communications and advertising campaigns.

The Solution

Percept is considered to be among the leading Australian branding agencies. We worked closely with the Juiced Life marketing team in Sydney to identify what opportunities were available and which of their food and beverage products to focus on.

From these findings we developed a tone of voice for their copywriting and a graphic design style that was cheeky and approachable. The use of language on the brand communications brought this retail franchise brand to life with personality across all touch points.

We tied in a distinctive illustrative graphic device that would be used across all rolled out brand communications collateral to bring the advertising campaigns together with a central theme.

A prerequisite for branding agencies that were approached for this brand communications project was to coordinate and manage a professional studio photoshoot for a large range of Juiced Life food and beverage products. Among full-service branding agencies, Percept are adept at food styling and art direction of photography. The retail franchise client was very happy with the new food and beverage images, feeling they further stretched the Juiced Life brand communications experience.

If you are assessing Australian branding agencies, Percept welcome your enquiry. Contact us to discuss your brand communications requirements.