Ivory Coat

Marketing Communications

Ivory Coat reunite with Percept to review and refine their branding and marketing communications.

Case Study

Brand Audit / Brand Marketing Communications Review / Design Development / Catalogue Design / Ads / Brand Manual

The Challenge

Percept created the initial Ivory Coat brand, packaging and website. In the 3 years since, they’ve experienced substantial growth, dealing with various service providers to produce their marketing collateral. With the recent release of new products, both here in Australia and expanding further into the Asian market, they felt it was time to review their brand marketing communications and worked with Percept to do so.

The purpose was to retain and refine Ivory Coat’s current brand equity and provide extensive guidelines to assist with the growth of the company. They were not looking to change the brand, other than assess and refine all the various elements of their brand marketing communications into a more simplified and streamlined manner with more consistent feel and messaging in their communications.

The Solution

Percept reviewed all brand marketing communications, researching their current brand positioning, language and competitor landscape to fully understand the market.

Based on the findings, we simplified and refined the existing brand element and rolled-out the new graphic design style across new templates for all brand marketing communications. The deliverables were training manual, catalogue design, website banners, retail flyer, stationery, press ads, in-store POS, social media, email marketing and order forms.

Percept then created an extensive style guide for Ivory Coat to streamline all the elements of the updated brand marketing communications.

The outcomes of this project included more consistent marketplace branding for Ivory Coat across distribution, retailers and consumer channels. This involved an updated brand style for all touch points, ensuring a clear look and feel that is easy to follow and cost-effective so it can work for them well into the future.