Advertising campaign concepts and press ad design for food industry magazines in Australia.

Case Study

When designing industry press ads for Unilever’s Knorr brandPercept initially go through concept development stages to create advertising campaigns that not only look good, but encapsulate and deliver a specific message to the target audience, which in this case is professional chefs in the foodservice industry.

Shown above, is an example of the taste is our business ad campaign which focuses on the pro kitchen when the pressure is on, time is precious and taste is everything.

This speaks directly to the chef and demonstrates that we understand their circumstances and that these Knorr products have been specifically formulated to make their life easier during a stressful service without compromising the integrity of the product that they plate up.

This advertising campaign which we devised the creative for is the experience the flavour range of ad designs.

In one quick, clear, and strong visual message, we have effectively communicated that Knorr have bottled authentic flavours of sauces from around the world.

Unilever have travelled the globe to put together their range of delicious international sauces, each with the integrity of local recipes that have stood the test of time.

So when the clock is ticking and flavour is everything, Knorr’s authentic sauces will certainly impress.

These strategic and conceptual press advertising campaigns and magazine ad designs have been extremely well received and have proven to have increased sales for the Unilever sales team.