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Preferred Brands Australia engaged Percept Brand Design as the design agency to create new food packaging design for their Tasty Bite brand. The aim was to lift the shelf presence of this Asian retail food product range in Australian supermarkets.

Case Study

Food Packaging Design by Design Agency Percept Brand Design

Originating in India, Tasty Bite is a huge brand in Asia and the USA. They chose Percept as the Sydney design agency for their food packaging design of retail food products that sell in Australian supermarkets.

As with any global brand, there is a brand design styleguide that provides consistency at a branding level, however as the Asian product range was a new line in the Australian market, there was plenty of design concept development involved in this food packaging design project.

Design agency, Percept, created the food packaging design to have a commercial and contemporary appeal, to feel trusted and appetising with an authentic Asian tone.

Included as part of this food packaging design project, full-service design agency, Percept Brand Design, organised a photo shoot and food styling.

Getting the imagery just right is key in the end result of food packaging design for all types of food products and ultimately their retail success.

Percept is a design agency with brand design expertise, especially for FMCG food products. In a busy retail situation, quick communication and visual cues are key to good food packaging design. It should convey vital information so consumers can evaluate product range versus its competition. Furthermore, once they have selected their chosen FMCG brand, they will also have to select a product within the range.

Some key factors in decision making at a brand design level are authenticity, value for money and perceived quality. Once it comes to product selection other factors come into play such as preferred flavour variant, level of spice, ease of preparation and dietary information.

In fact, these are only a sample of the kinds of purchasing decisions that happen in an instant with food packaging design at point of sale. As a professional design agency, Percept Brand Design are adept at identifying these considerations and help the consumer make decisions with clear information hierarchy, visual cues such as icons and clear labelling of FMCG product benefits.

There is a lot more to successful food packaging design for the retail market than people often think, and that’s why Percept is a design agency in Sydney with a reputation as one of the most effective in brand design for food products.


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