Brochure design and direct mail marketing for this printing company in the south eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Case Study

Based in Sydney’s south eastern suburbs, Lionheart Offset first came to Percept for their brand identity design and then for the creative idea and brochure design for their direct mail marketing.

They wanted to increase sales especially in the south and eastern suburbs of Sydney and felt the best way was a DM marketing campaign targeted at print buyers in advertising agencies and graphic design studios.

With an audience of Sydney creatives, the strategy, concept and design was crucial to the success of this direct mail piece.

Sydney design agency, Percept, came up with a photographic theme that ran off their name and was used to highlight the many benefits of dealing with their company.

The finished brochure design not only captures the attention with its creative concept, but we incorporated special finishes and printing techniques into this direct marketing brochure so Lionheart could show off their high quality craftsmanship.

The finished brochure helps give Lionheart Offset an edge in the competitive environment of the Sydney printing industry.