Corporate Profile Design

This corporate profile design was created by brand agency, Percept, in Sydney. Mars is a recruitment company with offices in various Australian capital cities.

Case Study

Corporate Profile Design

The Sydney office of Mars Recruitment approached the communication designers of brand agency, Percept, for their corporate profile design which would be used as their main marketing tool for potential clients around Australia.

Whilst their corporate identity was already established, the brief was quite open in terms of the corporate profile design.

Their main objectives were to communicate that they were a highly professional organisation, but at the same time, were not like the other accounting and finance recruitment agencies.

Brand agency, Percept, strategically chose to depict these objectives by using the city scape images to show the corporate recruitment environment. We then introduced the left-field concept of wild animals as the main theme of their corporate profile design to represent that Mars were not your average company.

The whole concept for this corporate profile design revolves around the idea that Mars brings a refreshing approach to the industry. Not only are they effective, but you’ll enjoy working with them too.

Percept is a brand agency with much experience in the world of corporate profile design and often we work with clients that do not have budget for photography. We are conscious that most company profile design uses standard stock imagery that makes them look generic and we believed that this solution will certainly differentiate Mars from the masses without breaking their budget.

Although the imagery used is from stock libraries, brand agency, Percept, superimposed images into different environments to make the whole concept unique to our client.

From all reports, this corporate profile design has been highly successful for our client’s company and has already been reprinted to keep up with demand.