Percept devised a creative ad campaign, featuring copywriting that expresses the flavours of Australia in the potato chips made by The Native Chip Co.

Case Study

The Challenge

The Native Chip Co. is the only potato chip brand in Australia that showcases authentic Australian flavours such as Murray River Pink Salt, Rainforest Lemon Myrtle and Honey Smoked BBQ with Wild Thyme. The brief was for Percept to come up with a creative ad campaign that would present the brand as proudly Australian, offering premium quality chips with tastes and flavours unique to Australia.

The Solution

Prior to starting creative work for the ad campaign, Percept undertook a brand audit of The Native Chip Co, looking at its assets, current packaging, and the perceived positioning of the brand. Main competitors in the potato chip market were also analysed to determine areas of opportunity.

As a result of the audit, Percept recognised that the clear point of difference for The Native Chip Co. in this space was its purely Australian flavours which became the driving force of the ad campaign. The creative focuses on the beauty of the Australian landscape but more importantly, on the spoken word to convey the authenticity of the unique flavours.

An emotive tone of voice was developed to provide a down-to-earth feeling. Using poetic Australian language to describe tastes, flavours and their effect on the senses, the creative in this ad campaign was aimed at passionate foodies who are looking for something new.

The romance of the poetic statements are brought to life with whimsical, handwritten typography, and a rustic feel adds a touch of earthiness to this creative ad campaign.