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Brand communications strategy and design for Pack & Send – Australia’s number one parcel courier and freight reseller.

Case Study

Brand Communications Strategy and Design

The Challenge

With their head office in Sydney, Pack & Send provide packing and freight delivery solutions across a vast network of franchise service centres in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Percept were engaged as their creative agency to review their brand communications strategy and design. We were to evaluate their positioning in the market and formulate the plan for improvements.

The Solution

After conducting an extensive workshop and brand audit we developed a brand communications strategy that refocused the brand. The idea was to build better customer relationships in the business sector, especially in the growth area of e-commerce. We also looked at leveraging their existing retail reach as the brand had already established good market equity.

Using the existing brand look and feel and retaining their visual identity which was created by other logo designers, was essential from Pack & Send’s point of view because they were conscious of the roll-out costs for their franchisees. Percept decided to focus the repositioning efforts on their positioning with the look and tone of the new brand communications design, helping the franchisees grow their customer base with a slant toward a B2B audience.

The investment in the brand communications strategy and design paid dividends as the refresh shifted their core business to customers who would provide a lot of repeat orders.

Creative work by Percept included;  copywriting, photography and the design of their company brochure, a suite of marketing collateral, product brochures, digital eDMs and radio ads.

Pack & Send have had great feedback from their franchisees on the new brand communications strategy and design and the opportunities that have been created as a results has generated not only new business, but quality new business.



Brand Communications Strategy & Design

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