Visual Communication

Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) chose Percept for their internal communications in the form of an engaging brochure design, icon suite and poster design.

Case Study

Visual Communication for Brochure Design & Poster Design by Communication Designers, Percept

The Challenge

Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) is one of the largest broadcast media agencies in Australia. They were looking for communication designers and chose creative agency, Percept, for this visual communication project.

SCA run an internal training programme called the SCA DNA Sales Programme for their staff. An essential tool in this programme is the playbook – the old document was well received among staff as the imagery and icons helped to create easy, engaging reading, however, the copy deck had been updated, therefore a new document was required.

SCA approached communication designers, Percept, to create a new brochure design and poster design with as much personality as the ‘Values’ brochure design that we had previously done, and the professionalism of the ‘Leadership Document’ that Percept had also created in another visual communication brief.

The Solution

The communication designers of Percept chose to use the word ‘play’ as a catalyst to drive the creative idea, a 3D cable/line device was designed to playfully guide the reader through the brochure design and poster design in this visual communication project.

The line device is both decorative and informative, interacting with and connecting all the elements i.e. type, photography and infographics in both the brochure design and poster design.

Percept’s communication designers made sure the line flows through the brochure design in a seamless motion bringing the hero steps diagram, feature statements and icons to life in this visual communication project for internal use.