Patisserie New York

Marketing Communications

Delicious new marketing communications design and website design for family-owned food company, by Australian branding agency, Percept.

Case Study

Marketing Communications Design & Website Design by Branding Agency, Percept

The Challenge

Patisserie New York is an Australian, family-owned food company, who makes delicious desserts and savouries using only the highest quality natural ingredients and traditional baking methods. Australian branding agency, Percept, was approached with the task of marketing communications design and a new website design to showcase the distinctive style of the brand and its range of mouth-watering baked goods. The idea was to build a suite of branding assets used to effectively promote the food brand.

The Solution

With much experience in marketing communications design, especially for food brands, this creative design project was ideal for Australian branding agency, Percept.

Inspired by the concept, ‘Love Patisserie New York’ a customised signature was created that works in unison with the existing logo as a sign-off on the website design and marketing communications design. This adds that special, personal touch which Patisserie New York prides itself on.

To continue the feel of the branding, the website design uses warm tones on a rich black as way of communicating elegance and strength. Clean typography with spots of gold adds a boutique, premium feel that communicates the high quality of ingredients used and the patisserie’s expertise.

Percept Brand Design also developed a photographic direction for the images to be shot for the website design, utilising warm tones and focus on detail to capture the essence of the products. The result is a visual expression of desire and an experience that reveals the unparalleled taste of quality that Patisserie New York brings to its consumers.

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