Percept designed a series of catalogue covers for the range of product categories that Sydney company PWS service.

Case Study

Premier Workplace Solutions originally approached Percept for their brand logo design and then returned to us again when it was time to create their product catalogue design.

Previously they had gone with one comprehensive product catalogue, but this time we advised them strategically, that it would make more sense to break their catalogue down into more specific product areas.

These smaller catalogues are more specialised and can be used alone for those customers only requiring one product group without overwhelming them with the entire range.

For those who would be interested in multiple or all product groups, they are presented in a binder which is tailored to that customer’s requirements.

The brief on this project was to steer clear of product photography and focus on iconography which represented each particular group of products whilst fitting with their existing brand look and feel.

The client was very happy with the end result which gave them an easily recognisable style and a flexible system for their sales team which also minimised wastage.

If you are interested in product catalogue design, Percept would like to hear from you.